Letter to incoming students

       I’m just going to be honest, this class is not that hard. If you pay attention in class and do your homework the you should pass the class with an A. If you’re one of those people that knows how to do the work, but only does half of it throughout the school year because you’re lazy, you would still pass the class with a B or a C, and occasionally an A. If you totally don’t give a crap about school, hate school, don’t even want to be here, then you will most likely fail and have to retake the class until you pass. So you’re probably wondering which student I am. Well I’m student number two. I understood everything that was happening in the class. Then I would get home and I would never start my homework. Or I would start it then not finish it till the next day because I was too busy watching t.v. or doing random things on my phone.

       In that last paragraph I talked about how to pass the class and which student you might be. Now I’m going to talk about your teacher. Your english teacher this year will be Mrs.Garber. I think that Mrs.Garber is great english teacher. At times she will mess up here or there, but don’t make a big deal about it, I mean everyone  will make mistakes. There are also people that don’t really like Mrs.Garber and there are people that do like Mrs. Garber. Now you’re thinking which person am I? I am the person in the middle. At times I like Mrs. Garber and at times I don’t like her. If you decide that you absolutely hate her and refuse to do her work it will get you nowhere in this class. Al you are doing is hurting yourself. If you decide that you dislike her but still need to do your homework to get good grades that’s ok. It is also ok if she is your favorite teacher and you do everything she tells you to do.


Overall the class is pretty fun. I hope you enjoy having Mrs.Garber as your teacher this year.



I am lost and forgotten

Like a piece of trash in a landfill

You walk past me and don’t see me

You don’t realize that I used to be something

Now I am nothing

Blogs I’ve Visited

Throughout the blogging challenges I have visited many blogs and I thought that I should share some of of the blogs that I have visited with you.

       One of the blogs I visited was by a girl named Keisha. Her blog’s name is Keisha’s Blog. On her blog she had a  post about some Disney conspiracy theories. I thought that her post sounded interesting so I decided to read it. In her post she talked about two movies. those movies were Up, Frozen, and Tarzan. She described that people thought that in the the movie Up Carl died in his sleep when he found out he had to give up his house and go to a retirement home. Also that his journey to Paradise Falls is him going to heaven. Then Russell is his  guardian angel trying to get his wings( final badge.) She also described that when Ana and Elsa’s parents left they were going to a wedding. Also that they didn’t die when their boat sunk. They washed up on a beach where Ana and Elsa’s mother would give birth to a baby boy. They would build a tree house, but would soon die from a leopard attack. Doesn’t that sound familiar? It is the start of the movie Tarzan. Here is the link to my comment on her post: Disney Conspiracy Theories Comment

       Another blog I visited was by a boy named Charles. His blog was called Charles’ Crazy Commas. On his blog he had a post about if he could meet anyone in the world it would be George Washington. He said this meeting would take place at Mt. Vernon in George Washington’s library. They would talk about many things. Some of the things that they would talk about would be what life was like in the 1700’s and what life is like now. After they talked George Washington would give him a tour of his plantation. During this tour George Washington would explain to Charles what every place was used for. They would also talk about what the Revolutionary War was like and what the two world wars were like. Lastly, they would talk about the president now. (When Charles published this post Barack Obama was still in office.) To read Charles whole post and read my comment click this link: A Very Special Meeting

       One last blog I visited was created by a girl named Samantha. The name of her blog is Samantha’s Blog. In the post that I commented on she wrote about a recipe for a sweet called Guatemalan Sweet Cakes. She decided to make these sweet cakes for an assignment in her Spanish class. Some of the ingredients for the sweet cakes are 3/4 cups of rice flour and 1 teaspoon of baking powder. To read the full recipe, directions and my comment go to this blog:  Guatemalan Sweet Cakes Recipe and Directions

5 Websites That Help Me

  1. Quizlet I like to use quizlet to help me study for my tests and quizzes.
  2. KahootI like to use kahoot because it also helps me study but in a more interesting way.
  3. Google Classroom I really like using google classroom because it lets me  do my assignments for school online.
  4. Google Docs I also like using google docs because it helps me type papers for school.
  5. Google Slides I like google slides because if I need to make presentation for a class then I can use google slides to make it.

Marching Band

Here at my school I’m in the marching band.I play the alto saxophone.  I’m only a freshman so I have three more years of marching band. When I was in middle school I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to memorize my music, march and play, or even march at all. Eventually I learned how march at a week long camp called band camp.

To get to band camp we have to drive two hours to a place in Ohio called The University of Rio Grande. When we get there we have to find our room and unpack our stuff. After we find our room we say bye to our parents then go straight outside to practice. The typical practice day for band camp is to wake up at 6:30 and be outside at the parking lot for basics at 7:00. We have basics for an hour. After basics we all put our instruments away and eat breakfast. After breakfast we go back outside to the practice field for two hours. Next we eat lunch, have free time, then practice for another two hours. After the last two hour practice we eat dinner. That schedule happens in the same order for a week.

After band camp school starts to begin. During school we go outside to learn more drill. We learn most of our marching show during band camp. Then we are not at school we have band practices every Monday and Wednesday. Monday practices start at 7:00 p.m. then end at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday practices start at 6:00 p.m. and end at 7:30 p.m. All this practice isn’t just for football games and parades. We also have marching band competition’s.

We have five marching competitions altogether. The goal at marching competition is to get a one . A one is the highest score you can get. The lowest score you could get is a five. If you get a one then your band qualifies for state marching competition. After states marching band is over. When marching band is over we start our concert season. After concert season is over marching band starts up all over again.

This is a photo of the Franklin Heights High School Marching Band from this school year. The theme was Baseball The American Pastime.

Franklin Heights High School marching at the band showcase last year.

Marching Band Concert.

About My Family

I know that my family can be crazy at times and they might annoy me just a little, but I still love them. I have family that lives inside and outside of my house. The family that lives inside my house would be my mom, dad, brother, two cats, one dog, and myself.  My mom is 47 years old and she works at Grant Medical Center in downtown Columbus. She has been working at her job for 22 years. Without my mom I wouldn’t know what to do. She gives me advice about school, make’s me laugh, and always tells me the truth.  My mom is one of the most selfless people I have ever known.  She is also the most kind, caring, and loving mom any person could ever have and I’m so glad that I can call her my mom.  Then there is my dad. He is 44 years old.  My dad also works at Grant Medical Center. That is where he met my mom. My dad started working at the hospital two years after my mom did. My dad has a very extravagant personality. He like’s to have everyone’s eyes on him and only him. That is why sometimes I get nervous when I go out into public with him because I don’t know if he will try to get people’s eyes on him. Next you have my two cats. Oreo and Presley. They are both girls. Oreo is named Oreo because she is black and white. You might think that Oreo is energetic and always running around my house. Well that’s not the case. Oreo is very lazy and very fat. All she does is sleep all day and all night. Then you have Presley. I personally think that Presley is the weirdest out of all of my animals.  She always sit’s in one spot for the longest time and will just stair at you. Lastly you have my puppy Daisy. Daisy is the most energetic out of all of my animals. She like’s to be outside all the time and wants to with you 24/7. Whenever she can get outside she just takes off. My mom thinks that Daisy looks like a race horse because of the way she runs.

Then you have the family that doesn’t live in my home. First let’s start with my mom’s side of the family. First my grandparents. I never got to meet my grandpa. He died of a heart attack before I was born. Then their is my Mama Ruby. She is 77 years old. On April 30th she will be turning 78. She had eight kids at first. Then my uncle died when he was 6 months old because he had a hole in his heart. I was never told what his name was. Then she had my aunts and uncles. The order she had them was my Uncle Jean, Aunt Margaret, Uncle George, Aunt Teresa, Aunt Donna, My mother, and lastly my Uncle Nick. I have meet all of my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side except for my Uncle Jean. Now to talk about my dad’s side of the family. When I was six or seven years old my grandpa or dad’s dad got really sick. A couple months after he got sick he passed away in they year 2008. He was very important to me. Everyone in my family says that he had to see me first before he passed away. The next day after he say me he was gone. I was so sad. So was my dad and his brother. My Uncle RC (Robert Curtis) is a really chill uncle. At times when my dad and him get together they are really,really loud. Now I’m going to talk about my grandma. She had stage 4 lung cancer and was in a lot of pain for a lot of months. Me and my family visited her in her house almost everyday. Unfortunately, my grandma lost her battle to cancer in January of 2011. Their is on last person that I want to talk about. That person would be my great-grandma. I like to call her Big Mama. She is originally from Georgia but know lives here in Ohio so she can be close to family. Big Mama is 86 years old and will be turning 87 in September. That’s all about my family.

Child Abuse

Types of Abuse

According to child abuse statistics, everyday five children die at the hands of abuse. This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Physical abuse causes injuries that occur toward a child’s body. Physical abuse can cause bruises, burns, broken bones, head injuries, and injuries to internal organs. Sexual abuse is sexual activity that a child does not understand or can not give consent. Sexual abuse can include the toughing of a child’s genitals, exposure to pornography, or vaginal and anal intercourse.  Lastly their is neglect. There are many different types of neglect. This includes physical neglect, emotional neglect, and medical neglect. Physical neglect is when someone withholds a person’s physical necessities. Physical necessities like food, shelter, and protection. Then their is emotional neglect. Emotional neglect can cause the withholding of love, comfort, or affection. Then medical neglect is when a person or a child can not receive the proper medical care they need. Read more about the types of abuse here: http://www.arpediatrics.org/specialties/children-at-risk/abuse-info

This is a photo of the cover of a book that documented one of the most serious child abuse cases in the state of California. Written by Dave Pelzer.

Signs of Abuse

The general signs of child abuse would be metal health problems and behavioral issues. If a child is being abused you should see mental health problems. Children might have low-self esteem, anxiety, depression, or thoughts of suicide. You should also notice behavioral problems. Younger children are fussy, being afraid, or not interested in certain activities. Teens are are different. Teens tend to fight, have sex, run away, or use drugs. There are also specific signs for physical abuse. Such as injuries that occur to protected parts of the body or injuries that have a pattern such as circles or straight lines. Places where physical abuse injuries might occur would be the inside of the legs and arms, the back, the genitals, and the buttocks. You might also notice physical abuse if the child does not receive medical care.  Read more about the symptoms of child abuse here: http://www.webmd.com/parenting/tc/child-maltreatment-symptoms#1

How to Prevent Child Abuse


Some ways you could prevent child abuse is by volunteering your time. Get involved with other parents and try to help vulnerable children and their families. You could also try to start a playground to help children and their families. You could try to discipline your children with thought. Do not discipline your children when you are angry. Take time to calm down. Take away personal items or use time-outs as punishment. Know the signs. As I stated in the paragraph above there are many signs of child abuse, make sure that you know the signs. One of the most important things that you can do to prevent child abuse is to report it. If you see a child being abused or see the signs of abuse report it right away. To learn more on how to prevent child abuse look here: https://www.childabuse.org/educateadvocate/preventchildabuse



Never Let Me Go

They seemed demented keeping us in this crazy place

It is unbalanced the way we must live

We are deranged and naive

Deeply disturbed is all I see

Only the people here are mad

But we are all insane

Don't Be Cliche Be You

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